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Volunteer Positions and Roles

Food Shelf Garden Positions:

 Most of these jobs are still available. Please read through the list to see if you would enjoy signing up for one. These positions are open to anyone who thinks they have the skills to do the job. Some of these jobs would be great for high school or college-age  people who need leadership experiences for their resumes.

Gardeners: Come as an individual, family, or group to work in the garden. This is the work that makes the project possible! The lead volunteer will show you what needs to be done and answer any questions. No experience necessary- just a willingness to learn!

Lead Gardeners: Lead Gardeners sign up for three hour shifts throughout the summer to provide direction to the volunteers about what needs to be done that day. The hours are: Tuesdays, 5:00 to 8:00pm (rain make up time Wed. 7:00 – 10:00am) and Thursdays 7:00 – 10:00 am. Lead gardeners will also be on a calling list in case a group wants to come at a time other than these scheduled open hours. Lead Volunteers will decide who has approval to use tillers and decide if the weather is too bad to work in the garden.

Spring and Fall Tilling Coordinator:  Make sure site is prepared for tilling: remove all stakes, tomato rings, etc. Clear vegetation and put into compost pile. Arrange a time for the Township or someone else to till. Coordinate with treasurer to cover the cost if there is one. At year-end clean-up separate anything that had blight on it from other re-useable compost.

Planting Coordinator: Make list of which crops will be planted, draw garden plan showing where each crop will be planted, buy seeds or appoint someone to do so. We have a 0.4 acre: 200ft by 60ft.  Determine good planting dates based on the weather for that year and communicate this with the volunteer coordinator.

Pest Control Expert: Decide if fencing or other non-chemical means of preventing damage or loss is available. Avoid use of hazardous chemicals, firearms, or any dangerous means. Use only OMRI (organic materials review institute) approved chemicals.  Thuricide can be used on tomatoes and squash. Make plans to purchase and implement based on problems. Be willing to consult with community experts about a good strategy and respond to problems as they develop.

Volunteer Coordinator (Molly Zimmerman): Is in charge of volunteer applications, records the names and information about each volunteer and makes a schedule for the garden Lead Volunteers and other volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator will talk to the lead gardeners about what to enter on to the Paynesville Community Service Center website. The Volunteer Coordinator will post on the website, a description for the next week’s jobs being done at the garden during the regular work hours and broadcast an e-mail to volunteers on the list.

Print, collect, and record volunteer sign-in sheets to record all volunteer hours for our non-profit status and for recognition.

Advertising and Recognition Coordinator: (Molly Zimmerman): Works on putting advertisements in the paper, church bulletins and on the fund raising buckets.  Manages service awards program and  sends out thank you notes for volunteers.

Youth Programs Manager: Plan community education program or scout activities where kids to come learn and work in the garden. The community education youth leader will be separate from the garden coordinator of the day.

Food Shelf Garden Church Outreach Coordinators:  Is in contact with a specific church to line up both youth and adult volunteers to provide six to seven hours of garden work hours each week in the summer.

                Food Shelf Garden Church Outreach Coordinator for St. Louis Catholic Church: Kelli Kleinschnitz


Website Manager (Rheanne Zimmerman): Works with the Lead Gardeners to post information about jobs to get done at the garden and changes in schedule due to weather. Maintains web address with yearly domain registration. Contacts Allison at least yearly to ask if any general updates are necessary.

Treasurer: Keeps track of donations and what it is to be used for. Assists in acquiring new tools, or appoints people to make purchases.  Present budget to Service Center board in spring before purchasing supplies, regularly working with the treasurer from the Service Center.

Harvest Committee (Bradley Zimmerman, need 1-2 more): Keeps track of the number of pounds of food produced (weighed at community center). Brings out boxes to transport produce in and brings re-useable buckets back from the food shelf.  Coordinates who is bringing in the crops to the Service Center after each harvest.

Fertilizing, Watering, and Mulch Expert: Work with volunteers to keep each crop properly hydrated. Inform weekly volunteers of watering needs. AVOID PESTICIDES OR HERBICIDES. Make arrangements to apply manure in the fall and compost when needed. Get mulch: straw or old shredded newspaper and put it around the plants.

Food Shelf Benefit Dinner Chairperson: Plan menu, volunteers, price, and other details for the benefit dinner. Record all costs and income. Find donated items from local businesses for benefit raffle. In charge of visual displays to show what has been accomplished at the Food Shelf Garden and to recruit new Food Shelf Garden Volunteers. Make summary of budget and how the event went, and offer suggestions for the following year. Current contact for hosting: John at the American Legion. Do benefit dinner in late summer or fall so we can serve garden vegetables grown in the Food shelf Garden.