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Lead Volunteer Duties

Lead Volunteer Duties:

A Lead Volunteer, trained and approved by Molly Zimmerman, will be present at each weekly publicized work morning.

The Lead Volunteer will:

  • Check the site briefly for any new problems (evidence of pests, damage to equipment, displaced row markers, etc.), record in the log and notify Molly Zimmerman.
  • Open tool shed and bathroom. Check supply of sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and bug spray, and notify Molly if they are low.
  • Find volunteer sign-in sheet and remind volunteers to sign in and record their hours.
  • Assess which areas are in most need of weeding, watering, harvesting, or other attention and write it on the white board. Assign or let people choose what they would like to do, being careful to make sure all the volunteers doing jobs that are not too physically difficult.
  • Encourage and thank volunteers, and answer any questions as needed.
  • Be in charge of who is using the tiller, making sure that person is following safety precautions. The Lead Volunteer will make arrangements to keep the gas can for the tiller or tillers full.
  • Email or call the Website Manager (Rheanne) to let her know what to put on the web site, including upcoming work, harvest list or to report bad weather.