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Annual Expenses:

Fall tilling- $50

Spring tilling- $50 (note the Paynesville Township donated the spring tilling for 2014)

Seeds and Plants-$200

Annual Kickoff-$50

ORMI chemicals, Thurside and straw-$100

----------------------------------------------Estimated Annual Expenses are $450

Startup Costs:

Five horse power tiller-$800

Fencing to keep out rabbits and raccoons-$640

Watering Tripods-$120

Bricks for “Pathway of Giving” -$50


----------------------------------------------Estimated Startup Costs are $3610

Donations as of 5/10/14:

Pledged- Bill Ryan pledged $100 in memory of his wife.

Marsha Meed is reasonably sure that if the City of Paynesville puts in a sprinkler system that the Food Shelf Garden could have some of the old hoses.

Used tools, ice cream buckets and small tiller have been pledged from Loretta Thomas.

Sign will be donated by the Randy and Molly Zimmerman.

Gregg Kapsner’s shop class will donate their labor to build a 10’ x 10’ shed in 2015

Dick Geers will donate cabbage plants, and bean seeds

Donated-The Paynesville Township generously donated the spring tilling and 73 yards of compost for 2014. They will also provide trenching for water and electric for an electric fence.

Steve Schultz  donated 10 five-gallon buckets